Saturday, May 08, 2010

My NEW blog!

Hey guys, so I've finally set up my new blog. The address is
It still looks a bit plain and simple. Hopefully I'll be able to upload and post more stuff over the summer.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Finally A Change

Hey you fans of KelssandVinss out there (even though there might only be one of you), I have decided to move to using Tumblr for a change. Not because everyone is using it right now, but because John Mayer is using it, so why not? That wasn't really my reason.

I'll post the link to my new blog here soon when I'm done with it. So get excited!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Carrying Out the Great Commission

It's been two weeks since I went to Jamaica. I was just lazy to put words together to describe the marvelous week I had there, but here it is.

The breathtaking sunrise at the place we stayed- Youth With A Mission, YWAM (the base).

The first day was not that intense yet. A group of us stayed back at the base and did some weeding and raking. The other group started laying the foundation of the house that we built in 4 days.

Each day we will be grouped with different people and rotated to work/serve in different places. The place below is called Robin's Nest, a children (orphanage) home.
I helped this lady who has been working there for more than 10 years to slice some chicken. I never knew that there was a way to slice them efficiently. Guess I learned something new.
We did skits, played games, sang songs, and read bible stories to the kids.
The kids were crazy over our sunglasses and camera. They love Michael Jackson a lot so we played some of his songs and danced along with them. A kid asked me how he died. "He was sick" was all I told him.
In Jamaica, adopting a child is a pretty long process. The heartbreaking part is that some of these kids are not adoptable because they are private kids(think that's what they call it), meaning that their parents placed them there and take them back whenever they want.
The main reason we were there was to dig a trench for their water pipe. They have been getting uncleaned water and they just found a water source somewhere down the hill from the house.
Don't let the laughter deceive you, pick axing and shoveling rocks and soil are pretty intense job! But we did have fun talking and knowing each other more.
We did the same thing over at the elementary schools we went to, but of course without all the "muscle pumping workout."
After the strenuous work on laying the foundation was done, we hustled on with the cutting and painting the frames and walls.
Skillful men who measured and cut the frames.

Raising some walls!

The kids of the couple whom the house we built for.
The greatest thing that happened was the man of this house which we were building for accepted Christ after days of talking and ministering by one of our guys, Daniel. I could see Daniel's joy and passion when he talked to this guy. Soon after that, his eldest kid accepted Christ as well after two of our girls shared Christ's love with him. He said that when they(the girls) approached him and talked to him, his heart was beating fast. Before they pray the sinner's prayer, his heart was beating so fast, but after the prayer, his heart was calm and joy was just overflowing in him!

On the last work day, we were given the choice to choose where we wanna go. An orphanage home, another one with special needs children, and an old folks home. I went to the old folks home because I love listening to life stories especially from the elderly. Some of these folks have AIDS and parts of their limbs are gone. It was so inspiring to see them still loving Jesus and excited to sing songs with us while shaking around on their beds despite of their circumstances.

I heard that those who went to the orphanage house with special needs cried because of how hard the circumstances of the kids were. They took quite some time to get used to their deformities. Indeed it was a great experience for them to step out from their comfort zone.

Those who went to the old folks home decided to piece together a human orchestra performance for our Talent Show on the last day which was pretty kick-butt cool.

The staff and students over at YWAM.

and us!

They played Ninja every night.

On one of the last days, my group met up with another group that went to another city, Port Maria. We shopped at one of the streets selling souvenirs, had lunch and headed over to Dunn's River Fall.
Of all the waterfalls that I've been in my entire life, this was the first time I actually climbed/hiked up a waterfall. It wasn't a tough one but did require quite good grips and balance. I was glad that I hiked up slowly while helping others up. That was when I got to know more people from the other group.
Our Talent Show on the last night
We had a few people forming groups and performed random talents they think they have.
There were singing,
assisted-break dancing where they jumped into the pool at the end,
7 guys sharing the same toothbrush...
...with the last person drinking the entire mixture of toothpaste, foam, spit, saliva...I heard a few people including a guy threw up, totally made my day ;)
and the best was impersonation of all of our leaders which was incredibly funny and talented.
Here are our leaders hip-hop dancing in the end.
I'm glad that I went on this trip because of the great gifted people I met and the friendship that I formed with these people. I definitely became a great listener and talker after hearing all the life stories of these people.
In this trip, God was definitely speaking to each us, whether individually or throung others, and working in our lives as well as the lives of the Jamaicans. We had a couple of fast healing/miracles from hand injuries, swelling of foot, sprained knee, to falling off from the foundation of the house that was 9-foot tall. A lot of us, including me, received a lot of answers to the struggles that we faced in life through prayers, especially determining and choosing our future career. We were truly inspired to be great Christian leaders in Wesley Foundation (for me would be BCM).

One of the thing that I cherish and love the most from this trip was the prayer walk and the prayer together in the chapel. It was just incredible to pray, facing the city from the place where we prayed with worship songs that were entirely fitting to each of the items that we prayed about. I'm still keeping the nation in my prayers, especially the Jamaican men. They seem perverted in their thoughts and words. I pray that they will step up and be Godly men leading the nation toward salvation.